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Ad Spending Not in Line with Time Spent with Media

There was a flurry of posts (no pun intended) as a result of a recent report from mobile analytics company Flurry last week. Much of the focus from media covering the findings was on a singular subject line:  Time Spent In Mobile Far Outpaces Ad Spending.

A few days later, The Washington Post's  Ezra Klein took a slightly different approach in his Wonkblog, (a glass half full if you will) by pointing out the digital revenue opportunities for print publishers to contemplate in a likely future ad world.  This optimistic view goes fairly hard against the current realities for print publishers where the ratio of ad spending vs. consumer time spent reveals 29% ad dollars spent against a paltry 6% time spent with the same print platform.

Klein outlined in red the key areas.  














The web and mobile categories flip the chart in the opposite direction and show how much time is spent (or wasted, depending on your viewpoint)  on these newer platforms with much less ad investment, especially in mobile where approximately 1% of dollars are spent vs. 23% time spent with these handheld technical wonders.   The proliferation of mobile devices and the ability to access more data via mobile seems to have tipped the scales rather dramatically.   Now, print publishers are praying the continued drop in media spend doesn't decrease at a faster rate than the potential increases in revenue on the other side.

Original post from TNW Insider  "Advertisers are spending way too much on print, too little on mobile" by Harrison Weber.

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Extra! Extra! iPad All About it!

By Vanessa Dunlap, ACGMedia

The Washington Post announced this week that they will be taking a walk on the "mobile" side to usher in a new era of publishing. The 133-year-old newspaper company launched its version of a mobile app for the Apple iPad Tablet.

Although the newspaper plans to be a leader in the mobile media space, it missed the early edition in April when top dogs such as the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and The New York Times pushed out their own versions of an app for the iPad.

While The Post may have lagged behind some of their competition in launching an app, they beat them all in style points with a sweet video they produced to debut their new gem.

The video features heavy hitters Bob Woodward and Ben Bradlee among others, as the iPad steals the show and stars as the transformative figure ready to bring the greying newspaper and industry into the digital age.

As the newspaper industry begins to navigate it's way through the digital kingdom and become more involved in mobile media it's a good move on The Post's part to jump on board early and stake their claim in this newly developed and ever evolving medium.

As Ben Bradlee put it best, "Don't sleep through this one!"

The Washington Post app will be free until February 15, 2011. Users will have the option of opting out at that time or pay $3.99 per month while print subscribers will fork over a mere $.99 per month for the app's adaptation.

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By Jing Yan, ACGMedia

The traffic coming out of Las Vegas at the end of a Labor Day weekend was painful. I was expecting an 8 hour drive back to LA.  Along the way I started wondering… should I just stop and wait for the traffic to die down? Take a nap? Watch the scenery? Or try the “Alien Fresh Jerky” from Baker? Luckily, I checked my phone and Google map shows traffic only for the next 5 miles.  Works for me!

More and more people rely on their mobile devices for travel information, whether it’s hotel, flight information, or local delights.  Travel apps to help with foreign language, currency converter, and subway maps are also being downloaded at a higher rate.

"We now see 18% of people access travel information through a mobile device," says Sarah Billingsley, travel marketing manager at Google, pulling stats from a recent joint study by Google and OTX.  "In 2008, 13% of business travelers used their mobile devices for travel information and that has grown to 40% today."

Planning to travel this fall?  Having your mobile phone handy will save you both money and time!

Read more about travel behaviors from this recent MediaPost article.

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