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Ad Spending Not in Line with Time Spent with Media

There was a flurry of posts (no pun intended) as a result of a recent report from mobile analytics company Flurry last week. Much of the focus from media covering the findings was on a singular subject line:  Time Spent In Mobile Far Outpaces Ad Spending.

A few days later, The Washington Post's  Ezra Klein took a slightly different approach in his Wonkblog, (a glass half full if you will) by pointing out the digital revenue opportunities for print publishers to contemplate in a likely future ad world.  This optimistic view goes fairly hard against the current realities for print publishers where the ratio of ad spending vs. consumer time spent reveals 29% ad dollars spent against a paltry 6% time spent with the same print platform.

Klein outlined in red the key areas.  














The web and mobile categories flip the chart in the opposite direction and show how much time is spent (or wasted, depending on your viewpoint)  on these newer platforms with much less ad investment, especially in mobile where approximately 1% of dollars are spent vs. 23% time spent with these handheld technical wonders.   The proliferation of mobile devices and the ability to access more data via mobile seems to have tipped the scales rather dramatically.   Now, print publishers are praying the continued drop in media spend doesn't decrease at a faster rate than the potential increases in revenue on the other side.

Original post from TNW Insider  "Advertisers are spending way too much on print, too little on mobile" by Harrison Weber.

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