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Best Newspaper Analogy of the Month

I missed posting one of these last month but here we are with our choice for Best Newspaper Analogy of the past month. Again we're going directly to New York Times media scribe David Carr for a painfully humorous comparison in his opening paragraph in a piece (May 27, 2012) about the recent Times-Picayune publishing downgrade. 

"Newsprint sentimentalists are part of a shrinking club. Plenty of people care about news, but the fetishists who want it to be imprisoned on paper? We are like Shriners, once a proud, powerful bunch who now meet in little rooms and exchange secret handshakes."

Be sure to read the rest of the New York Times' article, it's a somewhat studied, yet heartfelt outlook at the daily newspaper business.

Tags: New York Times, David Carr, Times-Picayune, Shriners

Best Digital Analogy of the Month

Since the month is coming to a close, here's my choice for Best Digital Analogy of the past month.   

David Carr's New York Times piece from SXSW (March 11, 2012) about establishing a Code of Conduct for Content Aggregators.

"O.K., you  can almost hear the digerati seizing with laughter at the idea that a pew full of journalism church ladies is somehow going to do battle with the entire Internet."

For a few days following, debate and commenting about what constitutes aggregation on the internet erupted.  It seemed to culminate in a outright refute from HuffPo.     This battle is far from over.

Tags: New York Times, David Carr, HuffPo, Content Aggregators, Code of Conduct

Top 25 Newspapers on Twitter, No Surprises

We've produced a Top 25 Newspapers on Twitter list based on Twitter followers of the top newspapers in the U.S. from March 12, 2012.  The current ranking is compared against a similar list published by The Wrap Media ( from March 31, 2011.  It appears newspapers have made gains on this social media platform but are unable to compare to the likes of top pop entertainers and the like who dominate the platform.   Only the New York Times appears in the top 100 Twitter sites while the remainder of the newspaper accounts languishing in the Twitter boneyard well beyond the top 500.




The largest Twitter newspaper account @nytimes has 4,649,415 followers and increased 51.8% since last March.  A distant second @wsj has 1,544,519 followers. @washingtonpost and @chicagotribune round out the top four with 893,818 and 889,289 followers respectively. The next closest newspaper Twitter account is @usatoday with 266,813 followers. Of the top four Twitter accounts, @washingtonpost showed the largest growth over the past year with a 130.2% increase.

We used the official Twitter feeds for each publication, none of the related sections or blogs (for example, NY Times columnist David Carr has 361,169 Twitter followers @carr2n). There are two exceptions (Chicago Tribune and Boston Globe) noted on the report.   Look for another Top Newspaper list in future entries on ACGMedia Hub.

Tags: New York Times, Twitter, Top 25 Newspapers, David Carr